We are a team of subject matter experts based in Jacksonville, Florida. We safely decontaminate, disinfect, and deodorize commercial, industrial, and residential settings against contagious disease pathogens. Our clients are schools, religious facilities, hotels, assisted living centers, transportation, correctional programs, and the Federal Government. We restore indoor air quality and neutralize diseases that linger in the air and remain on surfaces, for several days to several weeks. We provide rapid decontamination and sanitizing solutions for small local businesses as well as industries needing hundreds of thousands of square feet sanitized. We’ve designed a multi-step process for assessing and mitigating against diseases using a combination of MDF-500™ decontamination technology and environmentally safe surface and hand sanitizers with HY-IQ™ solutions. For more than 20 years we have successfully adhered to the highest standards in biohazard remediation to ensure our customers and employees are fully protected. R Squared Decon delivers sanitation products such as MDF-500 ™, Purify MDF with HY-IQ ™ Surface & Hand Sanitizers throughout Florida, the United States, the Middle East and Australia.


R Squared Decon, LLC provides advanced decontamination and sanitizing solutions for the 21st century. We specialize in the elimination and decontamination of fungi, viruses and bacteria from areas where people are susceptible to infection through contaminated areas. Our clients represent local Florida based companies and multinational businesses located throughout the Middle East. Our clients are single family residents, apartment managers, hospitality & medical facilities, law enforcement, fire stations, transportation, schools, daycares and insurance companies. We've worked with American and foreign government agencies that seek cost effective solutions for reducing the spread of disease and eliminating toxins and contaminants.


Our mission is to bring advanced products such as MDF-500 and HY-IQ based sanitation products to help solve 21st century problems pandemic problems associated with Covid19, SARS, MERS, Candida auris, and a wide range of contagious diseases. Our team of experts is based in Jacksonville Florida and the UAE has a diverse background of expertise in decontamination, electrical engineering and military experience in materials management, chemistry, environmental science, and military intelligence.


RR Squared Decon, LLC is an innovative biotechnology firm based in Jacksonville, Florida and Dubai which supply MDF-500 and decontamination solutions to the hospitality, educational, medical and government sectors.



James Singeltary

Managing Director


Nick Andrews

Operations Manager


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