Rsquared LLC is a company that strives to bring the highest quality of living and most advanced products to the market. With back grounds from electrical engineering, Hazmat training, Nuclear experience and Military Experience R Squared is changing old worn out coating processes in pipeline’s, structural, Defense industry, sea shipping industry, infrastructure, manufacturing, Telecommunications, decontamination and weaponry.

R Squared LLC is the leader in providing the highest quality products that were at one time unachievable to industry’s outside the united states of America. R Squared LLC is bringing assistance to global industry’s so they can compete with the global market on quality.

R Squared LLC. Knows with the access to information at the highest in the history of mankind that our products are a necessity to all industries from hospitality to defense to stay ahead of the environmental challenges that face the world.


R Squared Decon, LLC is an international leader in supplying high quality decontamination and advanced solutions for dynamic 21st century problems.


Our mission is to bring advanced products to the market to solve 21st century problems. Our team of experts has a diverse background of expertise in decontamination, electrical engineering and military experience in hazmat, biological, nuclear, and intelligence.


R Squared Decon, LLC has decontaminated hundreds of thousands of square foot of valuable commercial and residential property. Additionally, we have replaced coating on international pipelines, conducted structural analysis, serviced and supplied the defense industry with chemical technologies critical to their operations, the maritime industry, as well as various manufacturing, and telecommunication projects.


R Squared Decon, LLC provides advanced chemical and technological solutions for the 21st century by specializing in the elimination and decontamination of fungi, viruses and bacteria from areas where people are susceptible to infection through contaminated areas. Our clients represent local and multinational businesses. Our clients are single family residents, apartment managers, hospitality & medical facilities, law enforcement, fire stations, transportation, schools, daycares and insurance companies. We've worked with American and foreign government agencies that seek cost effective solutions for reducing the spread of disease and eliminating toxins and contaminants.


R Squared Decon, LLC is an industry expert with providing the highest quality decontamination & chemical products that were previously only available to the United States Government. We have successfully serviced and supplied the hospitality, educational, medical and government sectors with the decontamination and chemical products and services they require to excel in the safest conditions possible.



James Singeltary

Managing Director


Nick Andrews

Operations Manager


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