About Temp coat 101

TEMP-COAT – Liquid latex ceramic form of thermal insulation. Differs from other kinds of insulation which restrain heat convective flux.Our products consist of billions ceramic spheres. The discharged gas in spheres forms a barrier to cold and heat. In this type of coating take place processes known as radiating and reective ability of spherical surfaces, and extremely low heat conductivity due to a mix of these vacuum processed spheres.

The operating thickness of TEMP-COAT coating depends on temperature of a protected surfaces and calculates under corresponding speification The coating is used as reflective sun beams depending on a task and purpose. For roofing (Protection against solar heat) there is enough thickness of TEMP-COAT insulation – 0,4mm. TEMP-COAT performs extremely well on piping, air and heat duct work, exposedwaterpipes, tanks, oxygenlines, streamlines, refrigeration equipment, croygenics, and condensation control. It physically adheres to the surfaces it insulation between – 60*C and 205*C. The product will work on surfaces as hot as 260* using the special instructions.

Temp coat 101- Applications

Roofs & Walls

The Structure of insulated roof with TEMP-COAT represents an uniform,monolith design. There are no air-bubble voids, no internal open surfaces.

  • There is no second condition of occurrence of a dew-point-humidity.
  • Insulation does not pass through itself moisture.
  • Protection against icing.
  • Uniform method which eliminates not a consequence, but a source of rupture of a roof.


It is difficult to imagine the normal functioning of retail, office and even residential premises without air ducts. They are a key part of the system, are responsible for the supply and removal of air. In order for people to feel comfortable in the room, you need to take care of the work of air conditioning and ventilation systems. And, to this process it has been spent as little energy as possible. For these purposes should be to purchase equipment and materials that act as a reliable and useful.

Composite materials are used for internal or external insulation. They include film. metal layer, which in the future prevent the occurrence of problems such as erosion may be used. External installation is difficult to imagine without the use of steel or aluminum sheet. Often used foam elastomers, glass. The choice of materials occurs very scrupulously, the choice is influenced by such factors as thermal conductivity and water vapor permeability.

When the cold air passes through the duct condensation is formed. This process often leads to destruction of the duct (due to corrosion) and the recovery cost a lot of money. Temp-Coat 101 insulation should be use to protect the ducts. Additionally the insulation will protect the duct from generating mold and fungus that inhabit air filters and generating mold and fungus that inhabit air filters and Liquid insulation TEMP-COAT® – hairline. It is a very effective option and is superior to many analogues in its quality properties. It is used not only for air. It features a long period of operation, which is not less than ten years. Thus, temperature control is large enough. This type of insulation is applied to any surface. This is its advantage. It is able to sufficiently reduce the heat loss. If you suddenly will cause material damage, it fairly easy to restore and revive without compromising its quality characteristics


  • Thermal insulation of the industrial electric and gas thermal furnaces.
  • External Surfaces of pipelines and the equipment, high temperature engineering networks on the thermal power stations, regulating armature, motionless support with temperature of substances containing in them up to 205oc.
  • Main pipelines and pipelines of the heading systems (elevated and underground),any type of linings Equipment of boilers pumps warm distributive stations and boiler houses.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Vertical and horizontal tanks with liquefied gas, fuel and water Insulation of oil and gas pipelines.


Super thin thermal insulation of the industrial equipment, besides power saving functions it allows to create safe working conditions on manufactures. It reduces losses of easily evaporating mineral oil in tanks and allows to store liquefied gas in isothermal storehouses.

During the process of choosing right insulating material you are to consider stress-strain properties and deforming characteris.cs of insulating object, calculated permissible load on construction and other elements of an insulating surface.

During insulation of steel vertical storage water, oil and mineral oil tanks the safe load from insulation is limited to values of 32-34 kg/m2. At a choice of materials it is considered not only indicators of combus.bility of a heat-insulation layer, but also the behavior of thermal insulation in the conditions of a Fire as a whole.


Superthin thermal coating of TEMP-COAT series allow to slove problems of thermal protection and corrosion protection of pipelines in acomplex.They considerably simplify operation, maintainenance services of pipelines and stop valves.It allows to fast detect places of leaks, fistulas and increase services life of the protected pipelines.

TEMP-COAT coating are aesthetic,ecologically safe,expenses on preventive and regenerative repaire of a thermal protection essentially cut down,they cannot be stolen.Small local damages of coating (Scratches) are easily restored by a brush.Superthin thermal coatings TEMP-COAT series are leader on a parity “price-quality”.Labour input of applying insulation is ommensurable with painting, materials are put by means of a spray,a brush or the platen.Services life of thermal isolation at normal operation more than 15 years. Coating can be easily washes and repaired.


  • Standard Transport and vehicle insulation may work sometimes, but rarely works all the time.
  • Temp-Coat 101 Liquid Latex Ceramics insulates everything from milk trucks in Alaskan winters to bakery trucks in New Orleans summers.
  • Heat problems, load problems, products failure problems, distance hauling problems, fresh fish and produce and all kind of problems.
  • Put a 20mil thickness of Temp-Coat on your motor home or bus and enjoy it twice as much.
  • Put a 40mil thickness of Temp-Coat on your utility body vehicle and make ice last all day with your deliveries.
  • Use Temp-Coat inside your custom bus or van and create an entirely new perspective in personal comfort.
  • Use on Autos, Trucks, Buses, Fire Engines, Ambulances, Trailers, Refer Vans, etc.