About Silent Running

Silent Running SR 1000 is a VOC compliant, water based product that is easily applied with a spray application. This sound damping paint can be used on the interior of the hull, stringers, engine beds, bulkheads, ceilings, hatches, engine boxes, bow thrusters, HVAC units, duct work, generator covers and mechanical enclosures. SR 1000 is designed as a “permanent” coating and has excellent adhesion to all metal, fiberglass, and wood. The key to Silent Running is to build it up, in multiple coats, to a minimum of 40mil final application thickness (depending on thickness of substrate).

Silent Running will dry to the touch in roughly one hour, at which time you can re-apply. Clean up with water is quick and easy. Silent Running dries to an off-white color, brightening any enclosed areas. Comparatively, Silent Running is easier to apply than the standard foam tiles, provides a reduced amount of time for application, and is designed as a permanent coating.

Silent Running - Features

  • For all types of surfaces
  • Fast recoat 1-2 hours
  • Cures down to 18 Degree F
  • Excellent wetting over sound rusty steel
  • High Heat up to 400 Degree F
  • Single Package,easy to use
  • May be topcoated with moat coatings
  • Excellent barrier coat for Epoxies and
  • Polyurethanes coatings