About Q2 Anti Corrosion

Q2 is a complex polymer coating containing a molecular weight organic b-complex non-corrosive acid base. It is designed to treat rusted iron-based metals and protect coated surfaces.

  • Converts iron oxide (rust) to a black ferro-organic coating that incorpates the rust as part of the coating.
  • Forms a complex latex matrix which is resistant to further oxidation.
  • Forms a thin semi-monomolecular coating that makes it suitable for treating movable parts.
  • A unique acid based formula allows it to quickly penetrate rusted areas and trees or separates parts that are rusted together.
  • Water reducible and may be cut with water prior to use as a spray or dip.
  • This will lower cost of application on light duty jobs.
  • Prevents the migration or ions so that no chemical reaction can occur on the metal surfaces.
  • Produces a homogeneous reaction with the products of iron oxidation.
  • This complexes the iron oxidation products as well as binding together both fell and fell simultaneously. This special property is vital for it gives a uniform and insoluble coat that adherest strongly to the surfaces.
  • Not corrosive to human tissue and is very safe to use even through it is acidic in nature.This is due to the use of a unique de-arming agent.

Q2 - Applications

  • Shipping & Marine Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Armored vehicles Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Sea Facing Application
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Generation Industry
  • Precision Engineering
  • Automotive Industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Food Industry

Q2 - Properties

  • Physical State : Liquid
  • Appearance : Milky
  • Odor : Bland
  • Vapor Pressure (mm Hg) : N/A
  • Vapor Density (Air=1) : N/A
  • Viscosity : N/A
  • Boiling Point : 212*F
  • Freezing Point : N/A
  • Solubility in water : Dispersible
  • Specific Gravity (H2Q=1) : 1.1