About FB - 520

In 1998 Span World Distribution joined with C.B. Environment, INC to produce a Fire Resistant Product that had the ability to protect Bulkheads and Hulls from the ravages of a ships fire.

The concept was fostered by Ret. Admiral Paul Robinson the than vice-president of operations at Ingalls Shipbuilding Mississippi and the product FB-520 Pyro Tumid Thermal Coating was developed. Apart from thermal and fire barrier Protection it special feature was that the surface would blister and stay intact without cracking.

FB-520 when exposed to Fire the coating begings to char and as it chars and seperates along the surface which is coated. It forms pockets of Air between the separations and theses air pockets ass tremendous amount of protective qualities. This creates a form of insulation in the face of fire or extreme heat. FB-520 coatings do not crack under slow or fast burn conditions. The element of a slow burn and slowly escalating heat represents the majority of industrial and commercial fires. When this occurs, heat passes through the cracks between the coatings surface and the surface to which the coating is applied, destroying the integrity of the substarte and possibly causing severe injury to persons on the opposite side.

FB-520 Features

Fyre Shield (FB-520) PYRO-TUMID COATING can be used on all wood based building materials, roof decking and trusses, floor joists, sub-flooring, dry wall, steel structures, I-Beams, columns, etc. Anywhere fire proofing and Thermal protection is needed. Has passed ASTM & 119 fire test, performed by 3M Certified Labs. The right way to protect your property against fire. FB-520 is considered a Pyro-Tumid product. When the surface is impinged by fire or high heat conditions, the surface (product) is converted into semi-hard blisters to repel the flame and reduce the temperature at the surface being protected. FB-520 is considered a sacrificial coating and must be replaced if a fire impinges the coating. Light-weight, white in color, fast drying, easy to apply with brush, roller or airless spray.

FB-520 Benefits

  • A simple and effective fire barrier
  • Reduces Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)
  • Insulates
  • Does not require Jacketing
  • Easily Repaired
  • Offers ease of Inspection
  • Can be applied on all interior surfaces
  • Can be top coated
  • Will not harbor bacteria, rodentsmold, mildew or insects
  • Ease of application
  • Ease of inspection
  • Eliminates waste in construction
  • Offers sound damping qualities

FB-520 Applied to

Fyre Shield (FB-520) Walls, Deck, Ceilings, Transport interior I-Beams, Columns, Hulls, Bulkheads, Overheads Pipelines and valves.